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Favourite Simpsons Episode - Make Room for Lisa

It's a pretty funny episode, but it's nice to see that despite Homer doing stupid things, he will do anything for his family, even if he hates what he has to do (ballet, etc)

Favourite Simpsons Character - Bart

Bartman by Luned13

Bart's antics are pretty fun.

Favourite Simpsons Season

The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote

Honestly, I have no idea! The seasons don't really have themes, so you can't choose them on that, and I'm sure that all seasons have their good and bad episodes, so it's impossible to pick a favourite.

Favourite Simpsons Guest Star

Favourite Simpsons Quote

Favourite Simpsons Musical Moment

Favourite Simpsons Moment

Favourite Homer Simpson Quote

Favourite Simpsons Parody (As in Simpsons parodying something)

Favourite Treehouse Of Horror Mini-Episode

A Simpsons quote I always use in day-to-day life

Favourite Ralph Wiggum Quote

Favourite Itchy & Scratchy Moment

Favourite Krusty The Clown Product

Favourite Location In Springfield

Favourite Homer Injury

Favourite Couch Gag

Favourite Credits Music

Favourite Blackboard Moment

Favourite Scene Between Skinner & Chalmers

Favourite Simpsons Holiday Moment

Favourite Ned Flanders Quote

Favourite Duffman Quote

Favourite Church Bulletin Board Quote

Favourite Burns/Smithers Moment

Favourite Lenny & Carl Moment

Favourite Kent Brockman News Moment

Favourite Moe Prank Phone Call

Favourite Homer Job

Favourite Simpsons Movie Moment
  • Reading: Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver
  • Watching: The Apprentice
  • Playing: Pokemon Colosseum
  • Eating: Panettone
  • Drinking: Apple Juice


United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Any that works!
Wallpaper of choice: Memoirs Of A Geisha (tis pretty)
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Mercury
Personal Quote: Where, with a merry little twinkle in his eye, he tweaks his nose and flies away up over the rainbow


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