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Favourite Simpsons Episode - Make Room for Lisa

It's a pretty funny episode, but it's nice to see that despite Homer doing stupid things, he will do anything for his family, even if he hates what he has to do (ballet, etc)

Favourite Simpsons Character - Bart

Bartman by Luned13

Bart's antics are pretty fun.

Favourite Simpsons Season

The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote

Honestly, I have no idea! The seasons don't really have themes, so you can't choose them on that, and I'm sure that all seasons have their good and bad episodes, so it's impossible to pick a favourite.

Favourite Simpsons Guest Star

Favourite Simpsons Quote

Favourite Simpsons Musical Moment

Favourite Simpsons Moment

Favourite Homer Simpson Quote

Favourite Simpsons Parody (As in Simpsons parodying something)

Favourite Treehouse Of Horror Mini-Episode

A Simpsons quote I always use in day-to-day life

Favourite Ralph Wiggum Quote

Favourite Itchy & Scratchy Moment

Favourite Krusty The Clown Product

Favourite Location In Springfield

Favourite Homer Injury

Favourite Couch Gag

Favourite Credits Music

Favourite Blackboard Moment

Favourite Scene Between Skinner & Chalmers

Favourite Simpsons Holiday Moment

Favourite Ned Flanders Quote

Favourite Duffman Quote

Favourite Church Bulletin Board Quote

Favourite Burns/Smithers Moment

Favourite Lenny & Carl Moment

Favourite Kent Brockman News Moment

Favourite Moe Prank Phone Call

Favourite Homer Job

Favourite Simpsons Movie Moment
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Yup, I'm finally back. Spent hours clearing up my messages. So many messages D=

But yeah....I just haven't had the energy/time to be on dA at all. I've been doing :iconbirthdays: stuff, but I've kept putting off coming back onto my own account because there was a lot of messages to go through. Of course, each time I put it off it just ended up with more and more messages, haha.

So yeah, update on life: Dad's pretty much physically drained from the stuffs that happened in the summer. I ended up taking sleeping pills for the first two weeks when he came out of hospital. My back pain lasted a long time because I had zero chance of resting, but my back is totally fine now.

And I had the longest holiday I've ever had! It was something that I REALLY needed after everything that's been going on. It had been booked like....two months before the stuff with my dad, so I was freaking out like hell for months. I was totally convinced that I'd have to cancel, but thankfully that didn't end up happening. So I got to fly out to Canada! For three weeks, and my god, it was the most relaxed I have been in years. I was nervous AF on the flight over. I'm pretty paranoid so I was convinced that the plane would crash, the plane would explode, I would get deep vein thrombosis and die, etc etc. But everything went great and I landed in Canada with no problems at all. I haven't been out of the UK in 9 years either, so it was a really nice change.

I stayed with my wonderful friend :iconzenith-azuratiger: and her family, who were so sweet. Especially since they consented to have me in their house for three weeks.

So yup. We did quite a lot of stuffs. Looked around a lot of her home town. We also took a two day trip and went to Toronto. I got to go up the CN Tower! Then we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum for their Pompeii exhibition. I've been to Pompeii with school and it's sad, but very fascinating.

Then we drove down to Niagara and stayed there for the night. No guesses as to where we went the next day, haha.

Niagara Falls is so awesome :D I ended up buying a purple Niagara Falls baseball cap though. I have no idea where my cap disappeared to =\ I got reallyyyy tired the day before, and when I get that tired I can't remember a lot of things that happen. So I have no clue where I could have left my cap. It could either be in Toronto or Niagara. It was only like 50p though. It was my dad's though, whoops.

And oh my god, Wal-Mart is fricking huge. I felt like I needed a map to get around it. Plus, so much food. I think I fell in love with Ruffles. And it was so exciting to find so many flavours of Pop Tarts. God, I love Pop Tarts, but they're boring AF here. We have chocolate or strawberry. If you're lucky, you can find apple or berry in the pound shops, so yayyy 4 flavours.

We did end up going to a British store though :XD: I WAS ABLE TO BUY SALAD CREAM!!! I LOVE salad cream so much. It's pretty much a tangy mayo, so if you like more of a bite in flavours, I totally suggest trying to find salad cream. I also bought some flavour sachets and made some English dinners for :iconzenith-azuratiger: and her family. Happy happy that they were a hit :D

You know, I would totally be tempted to move to Canada. I'm actually considering it, but I'm pretty positive that I'd never survive the winters D=
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Hey there.

So some people may have noticed I haven't updated my 30 day challenge in like...3-4 weeks now? Major family emergency.

Basically, about 3-4 weeks ago, I hurt my back. I get lower back pain sometimes, and I tend to get a bad flare up every few years or so. It was so bad the first day that I couldn't straighten up, and had to use a walking stick -__- The next day I was able to straighten, but I was on painkillers and heat patches. I'm normally the carer for my dad, but that day he was looking after me.

A few hours later, he's sat in his armchair in agony and asks my brother to phone for an ambulance. He'd been having some stomach cramps off and on for about 2 weeks, and they were back with a vengeance.

As a carer and living at home, I tend to be the one who takes my parents to the hospital when emergencies crop up. My parents are both disabled, and I'm registered as my dad's carer. But obviously, being a carer is difficult while you're also in pain. As my brother was there I asked him if he would accompany dad to the hospital instead.

He fucking refused because he had a driving lesson in the morning. I was so shocked by his priorities that I couldn't say anything. I mean, I get that the lessons are important, but more important than needing to go to the hospital?

So yup. I basically had to take more painkillers, stock my bag with an extra heat patch and some gel, get changed (which was not easy. I nearly ended up asking my brother to pull my trousers up -__-)

It turned out that my dad's condition was so serious that they ended up operating at 3am. They did an ultrasound and discovered a hole in his bowel. While operating, they discovered a tumor in the bowel, which is what had caused the hole. The surgeon took all that out (cancerous, but they're extremely confident that they took it all out). It turns out that dad also had a heart attack during surgery.

So, the surgery was quite extensive. They had to take a lot of the big bowel out, and some of the little bowel. I'm not going to go into details here, coz it's quite disgusting. But he basically wears a bag on the side of his stomach now.

He got put on a high dependency ward for about a week, during which he was quite out of it as they hooked him up to morphine. I've never had morphine, but apparently it makes you hallucinate like mad.

So after 3 weeks he was able to come home. He has to take medication 4 times a day, as well as changing the bag. Apparently the nurses have a really awful attitude about this, which really pisses me off. Dad has arthritis, particularly in his hands. This makes doing things that we all take for granted quite difficult. These bags are normally used for a few days, with an opening at the bottom of the bag for you to empty when necessary. Sounds simple, open and close. But it's not simple when your hands are arthritic, so a really nice nurse at the hospital gave dad the disposable bags, but apparently these cost like £4 (around $6) a bag, and you're throwing them away about 3-4 times a day. I mean, I know that it's expensive and I know that the NHS likes to be stingy bastards save money, but the alternative is that there's a big risk that while emptying the bag, he will end up dropping it. And if they insist on him using those bags and my carpet gets messed up, I'm sending them the cleaning bill.

This week has been particularly awful because I'm so stressed out. I take Kalms at night so that I can sleep. But the worst part is my mum. My mum is quite a selfish and bitchy person. She feels that it should be her who should be looked after the most, even though her medical conditions are nowhere near as bad as dad's are. Case in point, I can't legally claim Carer's Allowance for her, because her disability status isn't as high as dad's is. She I believe is classed as middle, while dad is classed as high.

So, on Saturday (3 days after dad had come out of hospital), she wanted to go to a fair that a local church were holding. I initially turned her down on Friday, and she had a fucking temper tantrum about it. Knowing this would only stress out my dad, and knowing that he'd rest better if she was not around, I called my brother to make sure he'd be in on Saturday, which I went out with her.

On the way to the church, she suddenly started telling me that I'm pandering to my dad to much, and I shouldn't keep asking him if he's all right. That she's annoyed that I keep asking him that, and if he wants anything to eat or drink.

I was so mad. He had only just come out of fucking hospital. His stomach has gone down in size not because of weight loss, but because some of his organs have been taken out. The surgery has left him really weak, and I worry about him simply because he tends to grunt or moan when he moves, and it's hard to tell if that's a general older person moan, or if he's in pain. His appetite has gone down a lot. He loves to eat mountain of foods, and now he's eating like one sandwich.

It also pissed me off that whenever she has been taken to hospital, or had a flare up of cellulitis, I have always been looking after her. I have had to wash vomit from her bedding and sleepwear. I have had to cut dead skin off the bottom of her feet (totally disgusting).

Wednesday was particularly bad. I was tired, stressed out to hell, and she's calling me a stupid bitch for getting the date of a fucking TV show wrong (it was on the day after). She also called me a stupid bitch the week before for forgetting to buy stuffing for dinner. This is the thing with my mum. You can make the best meal ever, but if you forget one item, she won't just see it's a mistake and let it go. She will go on and on about it for days. She even told all her friends about it. Why??? I'm surprised she didn't write to the fucking local newspaper with that hot story. Extra, Extra! Sunday dinner without stuffing shocker!

Slightly less stressed out today. My dad's feeling up to going to see his friends in the local park tomorrow to watch cricket, so I'm going to Meadowhall (shopping centre). They're doing a Superheroes weekend, and there's going to be an exhibition of rare and valuable comics :love:
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Day 1 - When did you first start watching Sailor Moon?

It would most likely have been around 2002-2003. They use to show it on Fox Kids over here, but we didn't have cable TV. It finally came onto ITV, on a Saturday morning show that me and my brother use to watch. They didn't get to show many episodes though, and I finally got a few of the episodes on DVD from a shop in town.

Day 2 - Who was your favourite character when you were younger? - Ami/Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury by K-Bo by kevinbolk

Except that I knew her as Amy when I first started watching Sailor Moon. I tend to gravitate towards the shy nerdy types in shows :XD:

Day 3 - Who is your favourite character now? - Ami and Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Ami Mizuno by Simopi

Dark Sailor Saturn by Ruri-dere

Yeah, I still like Sailor Mercury, but second would most probably be Sailor Saturn :XD: She's mysterious and quite cool.

Day 4 - Best friendship - Usagi and Rei

Usagi and Rei by Glay

They're always pretty funny :XD:

Day 5 - Best canon couple - Haruka and Michiru

Yuhka Neptune and Nao Uranus by Myztic-Beauty

They're so cute together! And always sexily teasing each other.

Day 6 - Couple you wish existed

Sailor Moon by nako-75

None I can think of

Day 7 - Prettiest/Handsomest character - Setsuna/Sailor Pluto

I just always have found her really glamorous.

Day 8 - Favourite villain - Sailor Galaxia

ACEO - Sailor Galaxia by nao--ren

Sailor Galaxia just oozes awesomeness. Her image song in the Anime is really great, and you should totally check her out from the Sera Myu musicals.

Day 9 - Negaforce, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus or Shadow Galactica? - Dead Moon Circus

Amazon Trio 2009 01 by affynity

I'd have to say Dead Moon Circus because I love the Amazon Trio. They're fabulous :XD: Also, Ono Hikari's first role in Sera Myu was as Hawk's Eye, so uber love there :XD: (Ono Hikari is one of my favourite actresses from Sera Myu. She's played (in order) Hawk's Eye, Kou Taiki/Sailor Star Maker, Loof Merrow (a Myu only character), Bloody Dracul Vampir (Another Myu only character) and Prince Demande.

Day 10 - Character you wish was a Senshi - Naru

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth by Yahiko-chan

Because I totally agree that she'd make a neat Sailor Earth :D

Day 11 - Favourite Inner Senshi - Ami/Sailor Mercury

Custom - Dark Mercury Doll by sakkysa

She's been my favourite ever since I first watched Sailor Moon. I guess I tend to gravitate towards nerdy characters :XD:

Day 12 - Favourite Outer Senshi - Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn/ Hotaru Tomoe/ Mistress 9 by AlcoholicRattleSnake

She's very cool :D And her storylines are interesting.

I'm really hoping that she'll get a transformation sequence in Sailor Moon Crystal. That would rock.

Day 13 - Favourite secondary character - Luna

Luna vs. Sailor Luna by Kurumi-Lover

Cat Luna, Human Luna, Human Child Luna, they're all so cute :D Luna makes a great teacher and Human Child Luna is just so funny :XD:

Day 14 - Best dressed Senshi

I have no idea! They all have some outfits that I really like. I love the outfits in the Crystal opening (see above). The anime had some pretty crazy styles, but that was early 90s fashion. Some of it I liked, some of it I didn't.

Day 15 - Best Inner Senshi attack - Sailor Special Garlic Attack


Day 16 - Best Outer Senshi attack - Time Stop

It's an awesome power to have, but sadly deadly. It's just lucky that Sailor Senshi don't stay dead.

Day 17 - Favourite attack overall (villains included) - Silver Crystal Power

Silver Crystal Power from the Sailor Moon S Movie, because of human Luna :D

Day 18 - Manga or Anime? - Both

I like both. Reading and watching is fun :)

Day 19 - Subbed or Dubbed? - Subbed

I like subbed, but dubbed was what got me into Sailor Moon in the first place, and the dub was pretty funny at times. Especially when talking about Lita's "talent" :rofl:

Day 20 - Worst dressed Senshi - Mamoru

Ouch :XD:

Day 21 - One thing you wish Sailor Moon had - More Video Games

Sailor Moon Another Story sprites by IAmArkain

Video games that come out in English would be cool. Sailor Moon Another Story was amazing.

Day 22 - Sailor Moon moment that upsets you - Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune die

Day 23 - Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy - Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy

Day 24 - Sailor Moon moment that makes you cry

Day 25 - Funniest Sailor Moon moment

Day 26 - Least favourite villain

Sailor Moon Chibi Villains by bytesizetreasure

I can't really think of any that I don't like.

Day 27 - Senshi you are most like - Ami/Sailor Mercury

Mizuno Ami - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon-5 by tashoque

Well, let's see. I get pretty shy. I kept to myself quite a lot at school. If people were to have looked for me, they would have found me in the library or the computer room. I totally wasn't as smart as Ami, but I quite liked maths, even though sometimes I could mess it up. I really liked algebra though. For some reason, writing down a problem to solve it is quite relaxing for me. I really like doing sudoku puzzles.

Day 28 - Senshi you are least like - Haruka/Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus /  Takagi Nao by KariaHearts56789

Because I am just so very uncool

Day 29 - Senshi or Starlights? - Senshi

I like the Senshi, but the Starlights are pretty cool. They are so funny in the musicals too. Their confusion scenes are great.

Day 30 - Favourite Moon Cat? - Luna

Luna's pretty neat. She's quite a mother in a way to the Senshi, and she's so cute in PGSM.
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Day 1. Favourite character - Professor Hershel Layton

+SPOILER+ Hershel Layton by MachoMachi

Professor Layton is just so awesome and cool. He's kind and gentle. He's intelligent, without being arrogant about being so. He's also brave, and quite suave.

Day 2. Least favourite character - Clive/Future Luke

Professor Layton - Clive Selfies 2014 by mikokume-raie

I don't overly dislike him or anything, but I guess he's the character I like the least, even though I can understand his motives. He just comes off as very arrogant and insane. Plus he doesn't even overly impersonate Luke well. His looks are good enough along with the clothing to suggest he could be an older Luke, but his personality just doesn't work. He didn't seem as kind as Luke was, and he's overly arrogant.

Day 3. A character you used to hate but now love

I really can't think of any characters that I overly hated D=

Day 4. A character you used to love but now hate

Again, none D=

Day 5. The first character you fell in love with - Professor Layton

Pf Layton and the D.Box by Katikut

I wouldn't call it love, but he is my favourite character. He's just so awesome. And it's always cool when he sword fights. Plus he even fought with a steel pipe.

Day 6. A character you are most like - Luke Triton

Luke Triton by onedayfour

Sometimes I'm a bit childish, and get excitable.

Day 7. A character you would be friends with - Professor Layton

Professor Hershel Layton by Nyaasu

Yeah, it has to be Professor Layton again. We'd sit and have tea. English Breakfast Tea for me =3

Day 8. A character you would like to/have cosplayed as - Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker by tamaraR

I think I'd like to try Lucy from Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. I like her design and the colours aren't too bad.

Day 9. Favourite voice actor - Christopher Robin Miller

Me and Christopher Robin Miller -Voice of Layton by Linksliltri4ce

He voices Professor Layton in the English and in my opinion he's better than the Japanese voice actor. I mean, it's a bit weird. You've got this character who has an English name, wears a hat that is very English, and he's voiced by a Japanese voice actor. It's like that scene in Sailor Moon where Mamoru introduces Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako to a English man, and he speaks not overly good English in an obvious Japanese accent.

Also, Christopher Robin Miller is really funny. I saw a video of him at a con where people wrote down what he wanted them to say and he said them. I really liked the "I do not care, Luke. I"

Day 10. Least favourite voice actor - Oizumi Yo

Oizumi Yo is the voice actor of Professor Layton in the Japanese games. Nothing against the guy, but I really think they should have cast an English voice actor. There's not exactly a shortage of English speakers who are also fluent in Japanese.

Day 11. Favourite game - Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Prof.Layton VS Phoenix Wright by Newpemtd

This was such an awesome game. The team up was awesome! Plus they blended the games really well. I really liked that Phoenix and Maya got voices (And that they made the next Phoenix game with voice actors after that). This was an epic game.

Day 12. Type of puzzles you are good at - Matching

I'm good at these ones where you have 8 people, and you have to read the clues and figure out who belongs with who.

Day 13. Favourite puzzle

Anything that doesn't submit the answer until you've got the correct one, haha. Things like mazes and the like.

Day 14. Type of puzzles you are bad at

Probably most of them, lol. I give them a try though.

Day 15. Least favourite puzzle

Probably ones that seem easy, but when you enter the answer you find that it's wrong

Day 16. A cutscene that made you smile

Layton cracks me up in this :XD:

Day 17. A cutscene that made you upset

Poor Layton :(

Day 18. A cutscene that made you angry


Okay, so for fans who don't play the Japanese games, the Eternal Diva film was the first time we meet Jean Descole, who's a big character in the 3 prequel games, like Don Paolo was in the first 3 games. So the characters all knew him, but we didn't. It's not until I played the last game, Azran Legacy did I think back to this scene and realise what an absolute asshat Descole is. He attacks his own brother! Layton doesn't know that, but Descole sure does. And then he has a major tantrum because he didn't get to discover Ambrosia. Well boo hoo! Sorry that you were too much of an idiot to figure out the true meaning of the Ambrosia symbol. Layton did you a favour.

Day 19. Favourite mini-game - Dress Up

:LAYTON SPOILERS: dress up by hyoutas

I thought that was a cute and fun game.

Day 20. Least favourite mini-game

None, I think they were cute.

Day 21. What did you name your robot dog/hamster/parrot?

+Chibi Luke+ by Miriamele

I really can't remember the name of the dog and the parrot D= I just remember that I named the hamster Hoss.

Day 22. An area where you would like to live - Labyrinthia

Busy Night in Labyrinthia by nadchoo

Labyrinthia just looks so cool. I love the costumes, and the old time feel. Plus knights!

Day 23. Favourite song - The Eternal Diva

It's just a really good song :D

Day 24. A song that made you upset - Time Travel

This plays when Claire leaves :(

Day 25. A song that makes you nervous

I can't think of any of the songs that make me feel nervous =\

Day 26. Are you good at collecting picarats or hint coins?

Stamp- Layton Would Tap That by spookydoom

I'm not bad at hint coins, mainly coz I type all over the screen :XD: Picarats....half and half. Mostly when I think I have the answer, and it turns out to be wrong.

Day 27. Which ending made you the saddest? - Claire leaving/dying

See Day 17 for that video :( Oh man.....That was depressing.

Second would have to be this:

Day 28. Favourite pairing - Layton and Claire

layton and claire by raemz-desu

I like them since they're canon and they're so cute. Plus, she gave Layton that awesome top hat.

Day 29. Least favourite pairing

None that I can really think of. Layton/Luke is creepy though D=

Day 30. What does Layton mean to you?

Professor Layton by leziith

It's just a fun game to play. I love games with a good storyline, and good characters. I also really like the little movies you get in the games.
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I think the last two questions are a little old :XD: I'll change them when I get to them.

Day 1- Your favourite Power Rangers Series

power rangers wild force by Gonzo1701

Wild Force totally has to be my favourite. I liked the animal poses they did, and I really liked the animal shaped helmets. Plus, Toxica and Jindrax were hilarious.

Day 2- Your favourite Ranger color - Red

Forever Red! by MaxPaucar92

Red's the leader (mostly) and they always get the coolest items. Though they do seem to go down the route of having the Red Ranger as kind of arrogant.

Forever Red was also awesome. It's just a shame they couldn't have made it longer. I hear a lot got cut.

Day 3- Your favourite villain - Ransik

Ransik vs red time force ranger by Rlindberg748

Ransik was freaking awesome. The pulling weapons out of his own body was cool. Plus, he was never defeated by the Power Rangers. They came close, but never actually defeated him. He even nearly managed to nearly kill both Red Rangers (No idea how Alex survived, I assume the suit is quite protective), and would have killed Wes if his body didn't hurt from not taking his antidote stuff. I mean, the Rangers only "won" against him because he gave up. And then in Wild Force, he redeemed himself and was essentially rewarded for that by being cured. I think he's one of the only villains who were turned good because they chose to redeem. Rita and Zedd don't count because they were changed by Zordon, and Astronema was never originally evil in the first place.

Day 4- Your favourite Theme Song - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

No doubt about it. Awesome song.

Day 5- A love interest you’ve had with any of the rangers or characters

Power rangers time force set by matt3335

Never really had a love interest with any characters. The ones I like the most are lovable nerd types. So Billy from MMPR, Kendrix from Lost Galaxy, Trip from Time Force, Danny from Wild Force and Cam from Ninja Storm.

Day 6- Your favourite Morpher - Mystic Force

The wand style was pretty cool. I have the toy, which is fun. You can type in the codes from the show to make it say different things.

Day 7- Your favourite individual Ranger weapon - Crystal Saber

I really like the Crystal Sabers in Wild Force. They're good weapons and you can summon Zords with them as well.

Day 8- What “Power Ranger” items do you own in real life?

I have a Growl Phone from Wild Force, a Wind Morpher from Ninja Storm and a Mystic Morpher from Mystic Force.

Day 9- The easiest Villain to defeat

I don't overly think that there really is one. I mean, the fights were pretty much the same. Fight a monster, have difficulty, get the upper hand, monster comes back big, fight the monster with the zords, have difficulty, get the upper hand. The main villains in the show were also very difficult to defeat. Some weren't actually defeated permanently (Rita and Zedd became humans).

Day 10- The hardest Villain to defeat - Master Org

Well, let's see. First of all, this guy is creepy as heck. He killed Cole's parents and seemed pretty willing to kill Cole as a baby as well. Secondly, in the final of Wild Force, he destroyed Animus and the Predazord with ease. He then destroyed all the Wild Zords, causing the Power Rangers to lose their powers. He was only defeated when all the Wild Zords, including ones that were never found before by the Rangers, came back and helped to defeat his body by using Ultra Roar, and then the Rangers using the Jungle Sword to destroy the Org heart.

Actually, Master Org has the record for defeating the most Zords in Power Rangers.

Day 11- Who was your favorite sixth ranger? - Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver Motivator by PyroDarkfire

Tommy has been awesome since 1993.

Day 12- Your favorite Megazord or Megazord combination - Hurricane Megazord

Coz it looks awesome :D

Day 13- A Ranger/Character you would want to cosplay? Or have cosplayed?

Power Rangers by 11thdoctorwho

Totally don't think I'd have the confidence to wear a Power Rangers suit, but I suppose if I did I'd go for a Super Megaforce one. Those pirate inspired suits look so cool.

Day 14- Your favorite individual Ranger Zord - Samurai Star

It's pretty useful, and makes good transport.

Day 15- A scene in one of the Seasons that made you misty - Kendrix's Death

First active Power Ranger to die on the show. It's pretty sad, and I think it makes it sadder to know that the actress had to leave when she was diagnosed with leukaemia. Thankfully, she made a full recovery.

Day 16- A character you could relate to the most - Billy

Billy Cranston MMPR by VampObsessed

Thinking about the early season version of Billy. I wear glasses, I'm kinda nerdy, and pretty insecure. I would also suck at fighting unless I was morphed into a Power Ranger. I guess Billy was lucky that he could fight while morphed, in the early season he wasn't a fighter. Though the others ended up teaching him, and I imagine he learnt a lot from fighting as a Ranger.

Day 17- Something in “Power Rangers” that you want to exist in real life - Morphers

Power Rangers/Sentai Morphers 6 by lygerzero

Morphers are awesome.

Day 18- Your favourite actor/actress in Power Rangers - Mochizuki Yūta

Will the real Geki please stand up? by Khandri

I don't really have a favourite actor or actress from Power Rangers, so I'm going to jump over to Super Sentai and say Mochizuki Yūta, who played Geki the Tyranno Ranger (From Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, which became Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers). I know Mochizuki from the Sailor Moon musicals Sera Myu, where he's played Kunzite, Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion and Count Dracul. He was the best Tuxedo Mask and King Endymion (narrowly beating Yamato Yūga, she's my 2nd favourite for Tuxedo Mask and King Endymion), and his role as Count Dracul was awesome.

Day 19- Least favorite “Power Rangers” Season - Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

Alien Rangers by racookie3

It was only a part of the third season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. It wasn't bad, but it's definitely not as good as other seasons.

Day 20- Your favourite Monster - Notacon

Notacon from Power Rangers Tim by ShadowRangerBlue

I liked Notacon from Time Force. It was a good episode, because it pointed out that their thinking was kind of stupid. They pretty much were going down the 'They are different. Different is bad' route. I mean, we didn't see a lot of the future in Time Force, but I don't believe we saw any "monsters" in their work. It seemed only humanoid people were in there, like Trip.

Day 21- If you could create your own season based on a Sentai season not done by Saban, which Sentai would you use? - Choujin Sentai Jetman

Chojin Sentai Jetman by blakehunter

This one looks pretty neat. It's from 1991-1992, and is the one that was shown before Zyuranger (The one that Mighty Morphin' was based on). I like the bird designs. Red Ranger is Red Hawk, Black Ranger is Black Condor, Yellow Ranger is Yellow Owl, Pink Ranger is White Swan and Blue Ranger is Blue Swallow.

Day 22- Something you want to change in continuity - Losing Ranger Powers

So many of the teams end up losing their powers at the end of their series. I know, most of them end up coming back to team up in future shows, but why do most of the teams have to lose their powers in the finales?

Day 23-  6 Ranger team of 1 colour

PRiS - Blue Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRJF - Blue Ranger by jay-tigranPRNS - Blue Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRMF - Blue Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRDT - Blue Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRWF - Blue Ranger - BT by jay-tigran

Red's been done on Forever Red, so let's go with Blue.

I'd make T.J. the leader, as Blue Space Ranger. Theo as Blue Jungle Fury Ranger and second in command. Tori the Blue Wind Ranger. Madison the Blue Mystic Ranger. Ethan the Blue Dino Ranger. For the Ranger who'd join last, I think I'll go with Max as Blue Shark Ranger.

Day 24- Favourite morphing call - It's Morphin' Time!

Day 25- Your favourite mentor - RJ

Jungle Fury - Wolf Ranger by mangarainbow

RJ was a really good teacher, and funny. I really liked his relaxed, cool personality.

Day 26- Your least favourite mentor

I don't really have a least favourite. I like them all.

Day 27- Your favourite Morphing Sequence - Wild Force/Time force Team Up

There's not really any morph that I really like over any others, but I really like team up ones. This one was pretty cool. Explosions!

Day 28- Favourite Suit/Helmet design - Mystic Force

Power Rangers Pin Up by Jackademus

I like the capes and the designs on the helmets.

Day 29- Your Dream reunion team of 6 for 30th Anniversary

MMPR - Red Ranger alt - BT by jay-tigranPRT - Blue Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRLG - Pink Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRNS - Yellow Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRSPD - Green Ranger - BT by jay-tigranPRRPM - Silver Ranger by jay-tigran

I thought it would be cool if Jason Lee Scott came back. Also, I was thinking Justin Stewart now that he's tall enough to actually wear the adult size suit, lol.

So we've got Jason Lee Scott as the Red Ranger, Justin Stewart as the Blue Turbo Ranger, Kendrix Morgan as the Pink Galaxy Ranger, Dustin Brooks as the Yellow Wind Ranger, Bridge Carson as the Green SPD Ranger and Gemma as the Silver RPM Ranger.

I was trying to think of people who haven't come back in the newest special. I'm pretty sure none of the actors of these people made an appearance.

Day 30- Your thoughts/hopes for Power Rangers Dino Charge

Professor Layton challenge coming up tomorrow :)

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Day 01 - Favourite character - Merlin

Haha, it wouldn't be anybody else really. He's so cute and funny. And really, if anybody else said half the things he says to Arthur, they'd probably have been executed long ago.

Day 02 - Least favourite character - Agravaine de Bois

Merlin S4 Agravaine Promo by TwilightxGirl

Agravaine was an absolute creep and an idiot. He hated Uther for Ygraine's death, which is valid as Uther did ask Nimueh to use magic to make Ygravine pregnant and didn't listen when he was told a live must be lost to bring live. But he's trying to destroy Arthur to get back at Uther, which is just wrong. If he loved Ygraine as much as he claimed, he would not have been trying to kill her son.

Day 03 - Your favourite episode - Goblin's Gold

This is why this episode is brilliant. It's hilarious. Makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Day 04 - Your least favourite episode

I really have no idea D=

Day 05 - Your favourite guest-star - Harry Melling

What's Dudley doing in Merlin? by SquirrelGirl111

Oh man, when I saw this episode I knew I knew this guy's face but I just couldn't place him. Google search told me it was Harry Melling, who played Dudley in Harry Potter. I was shocked, he's lost so much weight!

Day 06 - Your least favourite guest-star

Can't really think of an actor/actress that I really hate.

Day 07 - Your favourite scene

Old Merlin is funny :D

Day 08 - An episode you’ve seen more than once (or twice…)

I have seasons 1-3 on DVD, so pretty much all of those.

Day 09 - Your favourite Merlin quote - "You shall be Prince Arthur's manservant"

So funny. I'm sure Merlin thought he was going to get money, and his "reward" is to be a servant.

Day 10 - Your OTP (one true pairing) - Arthur and Gwen

Arthur is a Donkey by Tsuki-Nekota

Well, they're kind of really the only couple in Merlin. Plus you always knew they would end up together at some point.

Day 11 - Your favourite funny scene

Day 12 - A scene that makes you sad/cry

Day 13 - A scene that makes you angry

Day 14 - Favourite male character - Gwaine

Gwaine by CurtainHeadFTW

Since I already did Merlin for favourite character, I'll do Gwaine for favourite male character :D He's so much fun. I guess I like rogue characters :XD:

Day 15 - Favourite female character - Morgana

Morgana by SkylarkEcstasy14

She's crazily pretty, and an awesome character. I liked how she was quite a good character at first, and slowly started to get more and more dark.

Day 16 - Your favourite Merlin friendship - Merlin and Arthur

Arthur and Merlin by TatharielCreations

Merlin and Arthur have a great relationship, it's the best in the series. They're so funny with each other, always insulting each other.

Day 17 - Your favourite kiss

A first kiss is always special :D

Day 18 - A pairing you can’t stand - Merlin and Arthur

Sketch Merlin X Arthur kisses by woshibbdou

Yeahhhh. Not that I see anything wrong with it, but Merlin and Arthur to me are best friends. Maybe even like brothers.

Day 19 - Something you wish had never happened - Morgana going evil

S3 Morgana Night Stroll Gif by TwilightxGirl

I know that of course Morgana had to go evil, but I liked S1 Morgana. She was a very kind and feisty young woman. She had a lot of courage and she was very warm and kind to people, especially Gwen. I think that if she was still there when Arthur became king, she could have helped him see magic as a weapon rather than evil. A sword isn't evil, it's the person using it that is good or evil, like magic. So they totally could have brought magic back to Camelot in a safe way.

Day 20 - Your favourite OMFG moment - The Dolma

Merlin as a woman. It was hilarious.

Day 21 - Your favourite Merlin song - Main Theme

Day 22 - Most annoying character - Mordred

Mordred by alishenciya-o

He's a really good character (especially when he's older) but he's such a brat.

Day 23 - Your favourite Arthur one-liner

Day 24 - Your favourite on set picture

Day 25 - Your favourite ensemble picture

Day 26 - The character that is most like you - Merlin

I've always been the kind of person who tries to help anybody.

Day 27 - Your favourite cast picture

Day 28 - Your favourite Merlin outfit

Day 29 - Your favourite season

Merlin meets Kilgarrah [Mouse Drawing] by menu-tessu

I tend to feel the the first Season of a show is the best.

Day 30 - Anything Merlin related

Haha, Merlin by MerlinLemon

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Find me on Pottermore! My name is LeviosaSky143

Day 1 - Favourite Book in the Series - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

I'd say it has to be the very first book. It lays the foundations for the whole storyline, introduced you to Hogwarts and most of the main characters. The only thing I don't like about this cover is Harry. I think he looks older than he's suppose to be. Somewhat reminds me of Wally from Where's Wally :XD:

Day 2 - Least Favourite Book in the Series

I really don't have one. I think they were all good.

Day 3 - Favourite Character - Hermione Granger

Hermione by euclase

It was a toss up between Hermione and Neville :XD:

I just kinda feel close to Hermione coz I see some similarities to myself? Plus, she really grows in the series and she's pretty darn awesome.

Day 4 - Favourite Villain - Lord Voldemort

Voldermort by LifeEndsNow

Voldemort is awesome. I really wonder where his nose went though :XD:

Day 5 - Saddest Moment - Sirius Black's Death

Sirius Black Wanted gif by nightgrowler

There's so many to choose from D= Sirius's Death was really sad though. I mean, he just disappeared. No body to bury. I really hoped that Harry was going to get to live with Sirius :(

Day 6 - Favourite Professor - Professor McGonagall

McGonagall by Lasse17

I totally can't picture anybody else but Maggie Smith playing McGonagall. She's awesome. She's stern, but fair. She has that rivalry with Snape over who'll win the House Cup each year. She gave Malfoy detention (nice work!). She was really awesome in that fight with Snape in Deathly Hallows Part 2, and the "I've always wanted to do that spell!".

Day 7 - Least Favourite Professor - Professor Lockhart

Lockhart with autograph by Celinely

Urgh, Lockhart. Really, Dumbledore? Really? Don't know if it was Dumbledore's decision to hire this clown or the governors, but holy crap. The students were lucky that exams were cancelled that year, because surely nobody would have passed (except Hermione) if they had to use what Lockhart "taught" them.

Day 8 - Favourite Subject - Charms

Wingardium Leviosa by behindinfinity

It was a toss up between Charms or Defence Against the Dark Arts (when it's being taught by someone competent anyway). I've gone for Charms's just awesome. Making things float, unlocking and locking doors, creating fire, summoning items towards you, making your wand into a torch. Charms is useful if you want to be lazy.

Day 9 - Least Favourite Subject - Divination

divination by Linndsey

I don't think Divination is actually a bad subject per se, the problem is that Professor Trelawney is quite a fruitcake. First of all, that classroom would kill me. It's described as being stiflingly warm, which I would hate. Secondly, Trelawney would annoy the crap out of me. (Though I was really sorry for her when Umbridge tried to kick her out). I would kinda enjoy the subject though. I have tried tarot cards a few times, and I've done sand reading. It's pretty interesting to read about this kind of stuff.

Day 10 - Favourite Shop in Diagon Alley - Ollivander's

This was a hard one for me. I narrowed it down to Ollivander's and Flourish and Blotts. Ollivander's won because destroying the shop with the wrong wand looks kinda fun (Sorry Ollivander!). My wand on Pottermore is alder wood with unicorn core :D

Day 11 - Most Beautiful Character - Luna Lovegood

HP: Luna Lovegood OOTP by ChazyChaz

Yeah, I love Luna :XD: She's so pretty! And she's really floaty too.

Day 12 - Most Missed Dead Character - Fred Weasley

Fred and George Weasley are AWESOME by ZoeyRedbirdHON

I couldn't believe it when Fred died :( Him and George were awesome together.

Day 13 - Favourite Book Cover - Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

I think this one is pretty cool. The colours are good, and I think the depiction of Harry really improved from Philosopher's Stone (see above, Day 1). The dragon looks awesome, though I think it looks kinda skinny.

Day 14 - Favourite Tri-Wizard Tournament Challenge - The First Task

Harry Potter VS the Horntail by JoniGodoy

Dragons! Enough said. Dragons are awesome!

Day 15 - Rate the Houses From Most to Least Favourite

Gryffindor by temptation492 Hufflepuff by temptation492 Ravenclaw by temptation492 Slytherin by temptation492

Gryffindor because they're awesome. Hufflepuff because that's the one I always get in quizzes, and I'm Hufflepuff on Pottermore. Ravenclaw I rank better than Slytherin because I they can be pretty douchey. I hope that the Houses became more connected after the events in Harry Potter, because it's not fair to assume that Slytherin = evil, just like it's unfair to assume that everybody in Gryffindor must be brave, everybody in Ravenclaw must be smart and everybody in Hufflepuff are there because they don't fit in anywhere else.

Day 16 - Favourite Animagus - Professor McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall Animagus by L3xil3in

There's not really one that I particularly like overly. I'm going with Professor McGonagall's cat form because it's the most useful for getting about in the Muggle world. Cats are really commonplace and people will generally not bother if there's a random cat about the place, whereas a dog (especially quite a scary looking one like Sirius) on its own will raise suspicion, and have people trying to catch it. People also really do not like rats, and of course a stag can't exactly walk around in an occupied area without causing panic.

Day 17 - Favourite Unforgivable Curse - Imperius Curse

I chose this one because I think it's really useful. You can cast it on someone and send them away to do your bidding. The Death Eaters were using it to get into the Department of Mysteries. Although unsuccessful, it was the best way to get in there. Why risk publicly letting people find out that you're a Death Eater when you can send people who have a legitimate reason for going into the Ministry of Magic. The only downside is that it looks like repeated use of the curse on one person can cause them to start building up a resistance to it.

Day 18 - Favourite Horcrux - Tom Riddle's Diary

Tom Riddle's Diary + basilisk tooth pendants by EerieStir

The first Horcrux we meet (excluding Harry) and my word, wasn't it awesome? An evil diary that will talk to you, become your friend, show you past memories and possess you into helping to kill all Muggle-Borns! It was pretty awesome when he was able to manifest himself out of the diary.

Day 19 - Favourite Deathly Hallow - Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility cloak letter HP by Celinely

Well, first of all, the cloak was the only Deathly Hallows that didn't kill you. The ring drove one brother to suicide, and the wand got the other brother killed. The cloak protected the youngest brother from Death until he decided it was his time to die. Also, invisibility is so damn useful.

Day 20 - Funniest Moment - Snape and Umbridge (And Ron)

Day 21 - Most Emotional Moment - Sirius Dies

Day 22 - Aspired Quidditch Position - Keeper

The Quidditch Keeper by emmilinne

I've ended up as goalkeeper when I use to play football sometimes as a kid, so I think this would probably be the best position for me.

Day 23 - Favourite Patronus - Phoenix

Phoenix by Hellkitty1993

Phoenixes are awesome :XD:

Day 24 - What You Think Your Patronus Would Be - Dolphin

I keep getting dolphins on quizzes. Seems about right, plus a dolphin is awesome :XD:

Day 25 - Favourite Dursley - Dudley Dursley

Harry vs Dudley by incaseyouart

Dudley when he stopped being an ass was pretty sweet :XD: Leaving tea outside Harry's bedroom door, and worrying about him when they had to leave their home.

Day 26 - Favourite Wand - Lucius Malfoy's Wand

It's a really cool design, and I like that he keeps it in his stick.

Day 27 - Favourite Magical Ability - Metamorphmagi

HP - Metamorphmagus by PoorMedea

It would be a really useful ability :XD:

Day 28 - Favourite Death Eater - Severus Snape

Severus Snape by auroreblackcat

Snape was a great Death Eater. I mean, he was extremely close to Voldemort, which takes a lot of skill, especially when he became a double agent. To be that close to Voldemort and not arouse his suspicions.

Day 29 - Favourite Portrait - The Fat Lady

Dawn French in Prisoner of Azkaban was funny :XD:

Day 30 - Favourite Spell - Accio

:accio: by GibbyGibson

Accio would be really useful. I'm always putting things too far away then having to get up to get them again. I'd want to just be like 'accio remote!'

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Day 1: Your favourite character - Olaf

He's funny and also really really sweet :)

Day 2: Your favourite princess - Rapunzel

Rapunzel by alicexz

I considered Belle, but she's not technically a princess in her film, so I'm going for Rapunzel. She's funny, kinda crazy and she uses a frying pan as a weapon. Pretty awesome.

Day 3: Your favourite heroine - Mulan

Mulan by jasric

Mulan is kick-ass. She saved an entire country.

Day 4: Your favourite prince - Beast/Prince Adam

the Beast by emedeme

Beast is such a tragic character. You can totally understand his anger, and seeing him growing during the film is really great. I prefer his look as Beast from Prince Adam.

Day 5: Your favourite hero - Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider Wanted Poster by AyameClyne

I guess I like rogue characters. Plus, he was funny. He even preferred to die rather than have Rapunzel live as Mother Gothel's personal elixir of life.

Day 6: Your favourite animal - Dory

Dory and her Squishy by Soofdoof

Dory is awesome and hilarious.

Day 7: Your favourite sidekick - Genie

Aladdin Genie Amigurumi Plush by MilesofCrochet

Genie was awesome. This is why comedy characters should be voiced by comedians. Script writers are great, but some comedians can pull out the funniest lines in a second. I can't believe that Robbie Williams is dead though :( I was so upset when I heard the news.

Day 8: Your favourite villain - Jafar

Jafar by Amadeo-Amadeo

Jafar is really fricking creepy. He has a great villain voice.

Day 9: Your favourite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.) - Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse old look by d-russo

I guess it would have to be Mickey. He's a classic.

Day 10: Your favourite song - Let it Go

FROZEN - Let it GO! by Chris-Darril

Yup. I love Let it Go :D

Day 11: Your favourite love song - Beauty and the Beast

.Beauty and the Beast. by Mareishon

I love this song so much. Angela Lansbury has such a beautiful voice :heart:

Day 12: Your favourite villain song - Trust in Me

KAA by Grincha

Creepy and bewitching song.

Day 13: Your least favourite song - The Siamese Cat Song

Disney Villains: Si and Am by Grincha

It's a kinda freaky song and I don't like the voices very much.

Day 14: Your favourite kiss - Belle and Beast

The firework thing that lifts the curse from the castle is really cool :)

Day 15: The first movie you saw - Aladdin

Aladdin And Jasmine by klnie

This was tough. I think it probably would have been Aladdin. I remember my gran taking me and my brother to Sheffield to see it, as we didn't have a cinema in our town at the time. I would have been around 4-5 depending on when it came out over here. I also remember gran having to try and wash my hair in a public toilet sink after I managed to get cream egg in my fringe :XD:

Day 16: Your favourite classic - Beauty and the Beast

One of my favourite movies growing up. I really love the start :) The music is beautiful, and I love the stained glass images.

Day 17: Your least favourite classic - Pinocchio

I don't really know why this is my least favourite film. He's quite a brat for a while. I've read the book and he's even more of a brat in that too.

Day 18: Your favourite Pixar film - The Incredibles

The Incredibles by digital-vox

The Incredibles is awesome! I've been wishing for a sequel for years. Favourite characters are Violet, Frozone and Edna Mode :XD: Edna is fricking hilarious.

Day 19: Your least favourite Pixar film - Cars

Lightning McQueen by cLos71

It's a good film, just not one of my favourites.

Day 20: Favourite sequel - The Return of Jafar

That was a pretty good film, though most sequels aren't shown at the cinema, and they're not as good as the original.

Day 21: An overrated movie - Planes

Planes Stamp by FelineMyth

Cars, Planes....What's next? Trains?

Day 22: An underrated movie - Mulan

I don't really know of any underrated Disney movie that I've seen, so I've looked through some lists and this one was mentioned.

Day 23: A movie that makes you laugh - Frozen

This scene cracks me up. That one and Olaf going 'I can't feel my legs!'

Day 24: A movie that makes you cry - Beauty and the Beast

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere by Ryoko-demon

There's a lot of scenes that have made me teary.

Day 25: Your favourite scene from your favourite movie - Tale as Old as Time scene, Beauty and the Beast

Day 26: Saddest death - Mufasa


Day 27: Your favourite quote

Day 28: Your favourite theme park

I've never been to any of them D= I guess I'd like to go to the one in California.

Day 29: Your favourite theme attraction

I'd like to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction :D

Day 30: Your favourite theme park show

Is there a Frozen one? I'd want to see that!
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Yay, Digimon! I'm so excited that it's coming back :D

Day 1: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon?

Difficult....I think I would have been around 11?

Day 2: Favourite Character - Kari Kamiya

Kari has always been my favourite since Adventures. She's so cute. Plus Gatomon and Angewomon are awesome.

Day 3: Which Digivice did you like best? - Digivice (Adventures)

The original Digivice was neat. Though I do like the D3 and the D-Tector as well, but I think original is best :XD: Although, it was a shame that the Digivices only had separate colours during Ultimate digivolution.

Day 4: Favourite Digital Monster - Gatomon

Gatomon by Cathines-Stamps

I like Gatomon. She was really neat as a baddie, and awesome when she was revealed as the 8th Digimon. She's not very big as a champion, but she's quite strong and feisty.

Day 5: Favourite Crest - Light

Crest of Light by alijamZz

Notice a theme here? Haha...Anyway, yeah, I like the Crest of Light. Second would have been Courage. I like the design. Plus it's actually quite similar to Courage, with the 8 points (which I've always assumed to reference the 8 Digidestined). It was really cool when Kari glowed in that episode and released all the Numemon.

Day 6: A couple you wish existed - Tai and Sora

Tai X Sora by KaoruX3

I'm not overly bothered by couples in Digimon, but if I have to say any, I'd say Tai and Sora. I mean, I always thought there were hints in the show. The apology e-mail, their kinda...firey relationship at times (with Tai barfing in her hat, him "insulting" her hat). I really don't get why they suddenly turned them around and had Matt and Sora instead.

Day 7: A coupling you can't stand - Tai and Matt

Dunno if we're talking actual couples from the show or not, but if so, Tai and Matt. I see this floating around the Internet and I just do not like. They work as best friends. They have a great friendship. I like that they're not just buddy buddy all the time though. They fight and argue, which is good. It makes the friendship seem more real.

Day 8: Favourite couple - TK and Kari

T.K. AND KARI by Lyn-sanii

Yup, I've always liked TK and Kari's relationship. I mean, it was really really hinted at in the anime, like all the time. Even Patamon and Gatomon are connected, with them both digivolving into angels and Pegasusmon and Nefertimon having a joint attack.

Day 9: Favourite friendship - Matt and Tai

As I said on Day 7, Tai and Matt have a great friendship.

Day 10: Favourite Season - Season 1

Digimon Adventure - Gif by smilesarebetter

Gotta say, original was the best :XD: Not that the others aren't good.

Day 11: Who do you think wore the goggles best? - Tai

Tai and Koromon by CherrygirlUK19

Yeah it just has to be Tai. His goggles were cool. It was awesome of him to give them to Davis when his got broken, but it would have been neat to see Tai continue to wear them.

Day 12: Least favourite Digital Monster - Etemon

Etemon Chibi by MystressVulpes

Urgh, Etemon. His singing was awful, and highly annoying. Please stop with the Elvis impersonation.

Day 13: Least favourite character - Duane

There's not really any major characters that I dislike, so this guy sticks out for me. In the English he was Mimi's cousin but in the Japanese he was a stranger. Stranger or cousin, he was such a sleazy jerk.

Day 14: Least favourite season

I don't have one.

Day 15: A character you'd be best friends with - Kari

kari kamiya by majorzod01

Yeah, it would have to be Kari. I tried to think about the others, but I just don't think I'd get on with them the same way I'd get on with Kari. She's very friendly.

Day 16: A character you would not get along with

I can't think of anybody I wouldn't really get along with.

Day 17: Best dressed character - Davis

Daisuke/Davis Motomiya by skylights01

I like his jacket. I like the whole thing about the Digital World kinda....granting them clothes that they'd like. I don't get why it only happened for Davis, Yolei and Cody though....Why not for others? I mean, T.K. and Kari change into their clothes when they enter the Digital World, but they were already wearing those clothes in the real world.

Day 18: Worst dressed character - Ken

I like Ken, but this outfit is just so boring. I assume it's his school uniform, but he wears it all the time.

Day 19: A moment that made you happy - Agumon and Gabumon Wrap Digivolve

That was really awesome.

Day 20: A moment that made you sad - Wizardmon's Death

Wizardmon's death was super sad :(

Day 21: A moment that made you angry - Tai trying to make Agumon digivolve

Sometimes the lead characters in Digimon act like a jerk, and this was one of Tai's most iconic jerk moments. Nice work dude, you made nice little Agumon digivolve into a very cool but completely out of control digimon.

Day 22: Favourite villain - Myotismon

Myotismon + Angewomon by digicosplay

You have to say that Myotismon was their most persistent villain. He had an awesome personality. He was creepy, evil...and yet, kinda cool.

Day 23: Least favourite villain - Puppetmon

Puppetmon by DawnArts

Puppetmon was super annoying. Such a total brat.

Day 24: Favourite minor character - Yuuko Kamiya

Mothers Day Digimon Zero Two by patamon-chan

Just for the random and disgusting food she comes up with :XD:

Day 25: Favourite episode - Wizardmon's Gift

Digimon Adventure: Wizardmon's Gift by finni

Man, such a good episode. Wizardmon's sacrifice, Gatomon digivolving into Angewomon, the other Digimon giving Angewomon their power, Myotismon being kinda defeated.

Day 26: What crest would you have? - Kindness

The Crest of Kindness by alijamZz

I would have gone for Light, but I'm trying to think more of what people say my personality is, and people who know me say I'm really kind, so I'll go for that. Plus Kindness is kinda purpleish in colour, and I like purples.

Day 27: Would you ever have a Digimon for a pet?

Heck yes I would! Man, I had this Gatomon toy when I was younger. Constantly wished it was a real Gatomon. Heck, what kid doesn't want a friend who can digivolve and kick total butt?

Day 28: English names vs Japanese names (Which do you prefer more?) - English

I'd have to say English names, but there's not really much change overall from the Japanese to English. Most of the names are the same or shortened (I like Tai as a nickname for Taichi, and Matt for Yamato).

Day 29: Favourite quote

Operator: "This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up... and don't call back."

Day 30: An unpopular opinion

I have no idea whatsoever :XD: So I'll just leave this here instead.

Digimon : Memories... by Constrictorz
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Okay, let's get this started.

So I joined up on December 12th, 2003. So I would have been 15, meaning I was in Year 10 at school at the time, on my last year of Secondary. Totally don't remember how I found this place!

I made a lot of mistakes when I first started out here. I got way confused about the categories, and where to put different ones. Luckily, people taught me that lesson.

And yeah, I'm totally not an artist. I probably just signed up to favourite art :XD:

This is the first thing I submitted that I actually liked

Ribbons Version 1 by KoudelkaW

I drew this with a pencil borrowed from :iconwitheredrose17: She's my best friend from my school years, and very arty, so I recommend going to take a look at her gallery.

This is my favourite from my gallery, and also the one that people fave the most.

No Psychos by KoudelkaW

It's one of the best signs I have ever seen :XD:

So yeah, I made some good friends on here. Sadly, quite a few of them have now moved on from dA.

Last year I joined :iconbirthdays: and I've made some wonderful friends from there. They're all mad though, but that's okay because so am I.

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Warning: I grew up watching the dub series, so I tend to use their dub names instead. I haven't watched all the Japanese ones yet, but I have read all the manga.

Day 1: Favourite and least favourite costume worn by Sakura

Favourite: Pink Flower Costume

I've always liked this one. It's stylish and not as crazy as some others.

Least Favourite: Green Jester Costume

I really don't like the green colour.

Day 2: Favourite Opening - Catch You Catch Me

I think the first one is the best. It just seems to have more going on than the other two, plus we get to see Kero stuff a whole takoyaki in his mouth :XD:

Day 3: Favourite Couple (canon) - Chiharu/Chelsea and Yamazaki/Zachary

These two are hilarious! In the English dub they were written as cousins, but their conversations were still really funny.

Day 4: Favourite Pairing (non-canon) - Sakura and Tomoyo/Madison

sakura and tomoyo by ginty212

Tomoyo was suppose to be attracted to Sakura I think? They would have been a pretty cute couple.

Day 5: Favourite Episode - Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Mansion/The Special Box

This is a difficult one because I like quite a lot of the episodes. I had to go for this one mostly because of Kero's reaction to Sakura eating cake :XD:

Also, it's a really sweet episode, with Sakura getting to see her mother's wedding bouquet....Though how did those flowers stay fresh? Are they fake? Coz that wouldn't make a great bouquet. Also, why didn't Madison's mother show Sakura that bouquet before? The cards were only released recently, so she surely had time before to show it to her?

Day 6: Favourite movie - Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card

Sakura and Shaoran stamp 2 by Numbuh9

I liked both movies, but I think this one is the best. I really liked the idea of there being another Clow Card, and you feel sorry for her, stealing the other Clow Cards so that she wouldn't be alone. And the Nameless Card combining with the Nothing so that Li wouldn't lose his love for Sakura.
Day 7: Favourite school friend of Sakura - Yamazaki/Zachary

Zachary's bullshit stories are hilarious. I don't get why Sakura and Li always fall for them.

Day 8: Favourite Clow Card - The Mirror

Clow Card -The Mirror- Colored by RenjiAbaraiGR

I really like The Mirror card. First of all, very useful. Don't want to go to class? Use The Mirror card! Second, she was really sweet. It was nice when Touya/Tori gave her those pretty ribbons for her hair, and awh when she gave Sakura that message from her and the rest of the cards.

Day 9: Favourite season - Season 2

Apparently the Japanese anime was Seasons 1-3, but I think the English one is broken up as 1-2. Anyways, I'm saying Season 2, which according to the wikia, is from Sakura and the Snowy New School Term/Stormy Weather, to Sakura and the Final Judgement/The Final Judgement. I've chosen this one because Yue! Oh man....he's very cool.

Day 10: Favourite wand - Star Wand

Star Head Sealing Wand by aBlindSquirrel

I like both wands, but I really like the detail on the Star Wand. I also like that Sakura uses Fly to have wings on her back as oppose to using the wand. I mean, it's not easy flying after something with the wand and then needing the wand to use another card, since you'd have to stop flying to use the wand.

Day 11: Favourite adult character - Aiden Avalon/Fujitaka Kinomoto

He's always so sweet. Even when Sakura managed to destroy his work while catching the Sleep card, he didn't get angry. I like Natasha/Nadeshiko as well, but since she's dead in the story you don't see her that much.

Day 12: Favourite outfit worn by Sakura (not costume)

I really like this one from Sakura, Yukito, and the Vanishing Power/Lights, Camera, Action. It's really cute.

Day 13: Least favourite character - Sonomi/Samantha

She has an attitude problem. It's clear that she really loves Tomoyo and Sakura, but she's horrible to Fujitaka. Seriously, get over it. She acts like being with him caused Nadeshiko's death. And I wonder if she and Nadeshiko's grandfather ever actually talk with Touya, because you never see that in the series or the manga (I believe). If so, that's pretty douchy.

Day 14: Least favourite couple (canon) - Rika/Rita and Terada

FYI: I don't dislike this couple. I actually find them pretty cute.

The thing is, holy fuck dude she's 10 years old. How the fuck did you fall in love with a child? No wonder they hide it, he'd lose his job and probably go to fricking jail. He even (in the manga) gave her a ring and hoped it would one day be an engagement ring. Jeepers....I mean, I think they'd make a nice couple if he doesn't get stupid. She's 10. Don't kiss her. Don't even touch her until she's of age and not your student. And when she's of age and you meet her parents, don't tell them you've been together since she was 10.

Day 15: Least favourite Clow Card - Jump

The Jump Card is really useful, but what the heck is that physical form? It's the creepiest rabbit I have ever seen.

Day 16:  Best memory of the show from your childhood, or when you started watching it.

I don't know what channel I use to watch it on, but I remember watching it with my brother. A few days later, I was reading a girl's magazine, and found an advert for Cardcaptors inside. The caption was 'It's a girl thing' and I was like 'Brother, this advert says Cardcaptors is for girls! Is it?' and he pointed out the overuse of pink, lol. I never figured it as being a girly anime.

Day 17: Favourite scene in the anime

This is from Sakura and Double Trouble/Double Trouble. Keroberos is so funny when he's having a tantrum and Yue just doesn't give a damn!

Day 18: Something I don’t like about the anime

In the manga, it turns out that Fujitaka was part of the soul of Clow Reed. Sakura then split Eriol's powers between himself and Fujitaka, allowing him to see Nadeshiko. I thought that was really nice, so it was a shame it wasn't in the anime.

Day 19: Japanese or English

I haven't seen all the Japanese episodes yet, so for now I'll say English.

Day 20: Favourite manga art

This one is cute. I'd like to imagine that they gave each other those bears as a symbol of their relationship X3

Day 21: Favourite manga scene

Very pretty :D And Kero's face :XD:

Day 22: Something I don’t like about the manga

Hmm, tough one. I'm not sure...I guess Meilin/Meiling wasn't in it? She was annoying at times, but she was also really funny.

Day 23: Least favourite episode in the anime

I don't have one.

Day 24: Original Clow book or the pink ‘Sakura’ Clow Book - Sakura Clow Book

I would have to go for the Sakura Book. She gets her name on it, which is pretty cool. I really like the wing clasp on the side, and the star and wings as well.

Day 25: Clow cards or Sakura cards - Sakura Cards

I like both cards, but Sakura Cards are pretty cute. I really want the toy version. I have the Clow Book one.

Day 26: Ruby Moon or Spinel Sun - Ruby Moon

Black Lady? Ruby Moon? by lady-narven

Ruby Moon is really beautiful :)

Day 27: Yue or Cerberus - Yue

I like Kero, but Yue...Man. The guy is just way cool.

Day 28: Manga or anime - Anime

Very difficult because the manga is really good, but I like watching Anime so yeah :XD: Plus you get to see the costumes in colour and there's like....52(?) Cards. Plus, Meilin :XD:

Day 29:  I wish..

That they would bring back the anime, like Sailor Moon has done with Sailor Moon Crystal.

Day 30: Hopes for Cardcaptor Sakura in the future…

As above :XD:

Day 31: Favourite opening costume - Star Dress with Wings

It's really pretty :)
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As I said in my Buffy Challenge, I had been looking after my grandmother. Unfortunately her health took an extreme nosedive, and she passed away on Saturday. She was 83.

Pictures of her with her great-grandchildren, Noah and Blake.
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New challenge!

Day 1: Favorite Season - Season 2

I pretty much like all the seasons, but after thinking about it, I had to go for season 2. There's just....woah. Angel becoming completely badass. Damn, that is just amazing. Plus the introduction of Spike! He's always so funny. And Drusilla. Utterly mad, but I'm in love with her costumes. Then of course we have the introduction of Oz, and I always think it's so cute when he notices Willow, especially in her adorable eskimo costume! We also find out that Giles is not so innocent, and personally, Giles when he's not so stuffy librarian is just awesome. First Halloween episode! With Willow looking adorkable in her ghost costume, and smoking hot in that other costume (I don't know what she was meant to be, but who cares!). And of course, Xander. He thought of a brilliant idea, and got Buffy a rocket launcher! Plus, Kendra. I actually like her accent.

Day 2: Favorite Episode - Once More With Feeling

I just love this episode! The singing, oh the singing. So much fun :D My favourite song has to be Under Your Spell. A friend and I hope that we can one day go to that park and generally mess around :XD:

I LOVE Willow and Tara's dresses. I can't decide which one I like the most, but I do adore Tara's corset. And oh, the feels when she finds out what Willow's done to her memories :(

Anthony Stewart Head, oh Gods do I love his singing voice. Find him on Youtube singing from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, he's amazing (and dressed so NOT like Giles :XD: )

Day 3: Favorite Song Used In An Episode - Under Your Spell

And yup, as I mentioned on Day 2, this is my favourite song :D It's so cute and pretty, and haha, it's naughty ;)

Day 4: Favorite Female Character - Willow Rosenberg

Willow Collage by losinggrip112

Ahhhhh, Willow. I love Willow so much. Adorkable Willow with her long hair and crazy clothes which would not work if anybody else wore them, but she makes them look so cute. She's had a really cool character progression too. The whole Dark Willow thing was amazing - she makes an excellent big bad. Plus, Vampire Willow. Woah. And when Willow had to wear Vampire Willow's clothes, that is just hilarious.

I love her hair. I quite like the wavy style she had in Season 5, but I think the cutest would have to be the long hair in Season 1.

Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character - Maggie Walsh

Seriously, what the F was her deal? She was really creepy, and I'm pretty sure she was some kind of crazy. It was so funny when she pissed off Giles, and when he got turned into a demon he chased her down the street. Heck yes, Giles!

Day 6: Favorite Male Character - Giles

I love Giles. He's so much fun. I like librarian Giles, but I also like cool Giles. He kinda...grows a lot during the series. He makes a great father figure to the characters. I also love it when he's sarcastic. And man, Band Candy Giles :XD:

Day 7: Least Favorite Male Character - Riley

BtVS stamps: Riley by Severka

Urgh, Riley. I'm not even totally sure why. I mean, I liked him and Buffy. She got a mostly normal relationship....but he just didn't rub well with me. Season Four, he was okay. You could see he really loved Buffy, and even though he knew she could take care of herself, he still wanted to be there to help her. He even cut that chip out of himself with a piece of glass to save her. But Season Five, he got douchey.

Day 8: Favorite Friendship - Buffy, Willow and Xander

I just love the original Scoobies! There's just a great chemistry between each of them. Awh, and Xander with his forever crush on Buffy. Plus Willow's crush on Xander.

Day 9: Favorite Romance - Willow and Tara

Tara and Willow -  Drawing by TatharielCreations

Absolutely HAS to be Willow and Tara. They're just so sweet! Their kiss in The Body was really well done. I think that there are a lot of TV shows who are like 'hey, lesbians, let's make a huge deal about them kissing'. This wasn't a huge deal, and it made it that much better.

Day 10: Least Favorite Season - Season 8

Buffy Season 8 Wallpaper by Bacafreak

Season 8 counts right? I mean, not that it isn't good. The artwork is beautiful. It just doesn't draw me in as much as the TV show does, even though I like to read comic books. The storylines are good, it just misses something special when you don't have the actors playing their characters.

Day 11: Least Favorite Romance - Buffy and Parker

Urgh, what a major sleazebag Parker was. I guess this happens though. You can meet someone you think is really great. Then things happen, and you find out what a total jerk they are. It was so brilliant when Willow confronted him, and when Riley punched him (even though I don't like Riley that much).

Day 12: Least Favorite Episode

Argh, I've been thinking but I just don't know. There's not really an episode I can think that I didn't like.

Day 13: Favorite Potential Slayer - Amanda

The Potentials didn't really make much of an impact on me really, but I quite liked Amanda. She was funny, and kind of geeky.

Day 14: Favorite Female Villain - Dark Willow

Dark Willow by methosivanhoe

Oh god do I love Dark Willow. I think an enemy is more interesting when they're someone who knew you best as a friend. They know how you fight, they know your weaknesses. It was so sad when Tara died though, but gosh did Willow get her revenge in an amazing way. The final scene with Xander is so heart breaking :(

Day 15: Favorite Male Villain - Spike

Spike by mitchie-v

Hah, Spike. Oh boy. Villain or hero, he's hilarious. I like him as both. It's kinda interesting too...unlike Angel he did actually make a choice to be good(ish). At first it was the chip that was stopping him, but he actually chose to get his soul. Didn't stop him from being totally awesome though :XD:

Day 16: Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates

None, I think :XD:

Well Beer Bad somewhat. Coz of Willow and Xander, like I mentioned in the comments.

Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most - Willow

Many faces of Willow by mynd-reaper

Yeah, who else was it going to be really? I think this is why Willow's my favourite character.

So the basics. At school I was really shy and tried not to get noticed. I was bullied a lot, and I spent a lot of time in the library. I even started working in the library once a week during my final two years at school. Heck, I managed to get a work experience placement at the local college's library too.

Day 18: Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time - The Anointed One/Colin

He kinda interested me. I read that he was meant to be the big bad of season 2, but because he was growing, they decided to scrap that idea. However, as cool as season 2 was, I think it would have been interesting to have a young baddie. I think Buffy would have had trouble killing a kid, even if he was evil.

Day 19: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates

I don't think I like a character that most people hate.

Day 20: Best Spike-centric Episode - School Hard

School Hard by inyet

It has to be School Hard. Our first introduction to Spike. That Welcome to Sunnydale sign...that's become a sign of Spike returning. His lines are just brilliant, his whole attitude is so fun. "You were my sire, man! You were my ... YODA!"

Day 21: Best Willow-centric Episode - Doppelgangland

vampire willow by BlackRose687

Vampire Willow. Oh my. Alyson just looked so gorgeous. Plus the quite sexy dialogue between Willow and Vampire Willow.

Haha, when Buffy, Xander and Giles thought Willow was dead, and then she just walks into the library.

"I'm a blood-sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!"

Day 22: Best Xander-centric Episode - The Replacement


Also it was a really good episode.

Day 23: Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did - Anya and Andrew

Couldn't find a good picture :( But yeah, I couldn't think of anybody and even though I don't think they would have worked, they would have been a funny couple. They really seemed to get on well at the end of Season 7, and they're both quite crazy. Wheelchair fight!

Day 24: Favorite Example of 90s Special Effects - Cobra

Anybody remember that Cobra from Shadow in Season 5? Yeah, that was pretty bad.

Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying - Scooby Gang

Scooby Gang by RevelloDrive1630

Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment - The Earth is Doomed

I could only find a clip of the one from Season 7, but close enough :XD:

Day 27: Cutest Moment - Family

When everybody (except Spike) stood up for Tara in Family, that was just.....d'awwwwh. Makes me teary.

Day 28: Character You Love To Hate - Glory

Glory was annoying, whiny, a total bitch, but she was awesome. Wow. She was powerful. She was one of Buffy's hardest villains. And she was a FREAKING GOD. That was an interesting twist.

Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves

I don't overly hate any of the episodes.

Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great

Boy....So many things. Top of the list would be the characters. It doesn't matter how good a script need actors who can pull it off, otherwise a good script will turn into a bad episode. It really works that you have characters who you can relate to. You can't relate to the Slayer part of Buffy, but you can relate to Buffy as a human.

Plus it was a fricking awesome show. I really don't get why the networks didn't seem to appreciate it that much.
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Oh my lord, this was hilarious. I laughed so hard :iconlaytonclapplz:
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Ahhhhh my god, I finally get to play this game and I'm so excited!

Even though I'm a fan of the game series, I didn't buy the game since my brother's girlfriend bought it for his birthday, and it's totally not worth buying a second copy when we just share games anyway, plus it has the 3 save slots. But of course that means waiting to play it. And today my brother gave me the game, horray!

+SPOILER+ Hershel Layton by MachoMachi

Put that top hat on, we have puzzles to solve! :iconfesalaytonishappyplz:
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